Monday, January 18, 2021

Vegan Meals This Week [Menu Plan Monday]

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A big goal of mine this week is to tackle my whole meal planning process. For me, this includes lists of family favorites, quick meals, and frequently used grocery items.  Meal planning has become a frequent frustrating thing for me, and that is mostly due to changing circumstances.  The oldest eats a post work out meal that sometimes clashing with mealtime, the youngest has to eat at a specific time before his runs (often 9 miles), and it has to be something that won't sit like a brick in his stomach.  Schedules, preferences, pickiness, all have to be considered and when you ask them what they want to eat, they "don't know" (but you can be sure it's not what I've prepared!!)

Even with the frustration, amazingly enough, they all like to eat plant-based healthy meals, and for that I am grateful.  Maybe I won't ever have a streamlined, automatic system, but I think I will keep trying!!

Our meals for this week:

Taco Soup

Marinated Tofu & "Fried" Rice

Lasagna Soup

Great Northern Chili

Cowboy Potatoes

Does anyone else plan their meals, order them online, and pick them up, only to realize later that you didn't plan for your lunches during the week?


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