Thursday, January 14, 2021

Two Types of Planners According to The Becky Blog

I think there are at least two types of planners (but probably more): 

  1. people that use a planner.
  2. people that use a planner, and are INTO planners.
My sister is the first type of planner.  She buys a new spiral-bound planner every year and uses it to fill in important dates and keep up with her appointments and other important events.  She is highly organized, so having a place to keep up with information, that she might otherwise forget, is important to her.  

Then you have people like me.  I have a ringed planner and I use it faithfully to record my doctor appointments and family events.  The system is important to me so that nothing falls into the cracks.  However, I also change up items in my planner that doesn't interrupt my system at all.  I change dividers, page markers, inserts, and sometimes even sizes.

I change up inserts even when what I am using obviously works for me, but I am, yes, one of those people who are INTO my planner.  I see other pages and I just want to try them, even when I know I won't necessarily try them for long.

I have used my current daily page for a few months now, but I feel the itch to switch!  I'm not sure what I will be trying next, but if I come up with something new, I'll be sure to share it with you.  Suggestions are always welcome!

What kind of planner are you?


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