Friday, January 8, 2021

Free! 2021 Monthly Fold Out [Many Uses!]

My first download of the new year is a 12-month fold-out calendar in Compact size. I will be using it as an editorial calendar for my blog, but you can use it for anything you like!  I personally print them only on one side and then discard them when the month is over.  I never have figured out how to design a page that folds out and is printed on both sides - I always mess up the margins, so this way works best for me!  <grin> The blank side often serves as a dashboard of sorts (see image below).

Here's what I do:  

  1. print the insert on letter size paper
  2. trim the page to 6.75" in length.
  3. punch holes in the left side of the insert
  4. trim a half inch off the right side of the calendar
  5. place the insert in your planner; fold the right side over to the left until it nearly touches the rings (or until the fold is lined up with your other inserts)
Because I will be taking it in and out of my planner a lot, I cut slits in the holes to make it easier to pull the pages out and press them back in.



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