Wednesday, January 20, 2021

DIY Custom Dashboard

I love DIY planners.  I rarely use all of the inserts that come with a new planner and I am just now realizing that I know better than to think I will!  It's because I also love the creative process of making things and seeing how it will look in my planner.  I love seeing other inserts and layouts and see if I can duplicate the look until I move on to trying something else.  The planning system remains the same, so everything else is just for looks!

Today I created a new dashboard for my planner.  I made it a top tab that says "Inbox" and while I was getting ready to print out the template, I decided to put a label, "shopping" in the upper right-hand corner because that is where I always put a little sticky note to jot down things we need at the grocery (there's also a little square printed the same size at the sticky note). A 3x3 white Post-its was added for note-taking.

My last idea was to print my "if lost return to:" information at the bottom of my dashboard.  My planner sticks pretty close to me -  I hope that is never needed.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose my planner.

All of this was printed on vellum, cut out, and then laminated.  My laminator is my favorite new toy.  It cost me about $20 on Amazon - I don't know why I waited so long to get one!

Let Me Share With You - My Desk

For the last couple of years, most of our homeschooling was done at the kitchen table.  I didn't have a desk of my own so when the school day was over, everything was put back where it belonged.  I really wanted an area of my own and my husband made it happen!

Even though the boys have graduated, I still need desk space for some of my other interests such as planning/planners and Bible study, menu planning, etc.  Now I have so much space, I have a little dedicated spot for some of my favorite Willow Tree figurines.

My husband and I visited Home Depot to purchase a piece of 8 ft wooden laminate that fit perfectly into my space and 11" was cut off to make two shelves that were installed above the printer.  It is well-lit with fluorescent light and is really everything I wanted. It's not a fancy spot, and as renters, there is only so much you can do, but I absolutely love how is customized to my liking.  Not only is my husband very handy, but he's not much of a procrastinator.  When I told him I was ready for my creative space, he set out to make it happen

Below are some snaps of my area.  The pictures on the wall were just placed wherever a nail was present.  My next project is to add more pictures and balance them all out appropriately!

Do you have a designated creative space in your home?

Monday, January 18, 2021

Vegan Meals This Week [Menu Plan Monday]

visit The Organized Junkie for more meal plans

A big goal of mine this week is to tackle my whole meal planning process. For me, this includes lists of family favorites, quick meals, and frequently used grocery items.  Meal planning has become a frequent frustrating thing for me, and that is mostly due to changing circumstances.  The oldest eats a post work out meal that sometimes clashing with mealtime, the youngest has to eat at a specific time before his runs (often 9 miles), and it has to be something that won't sit like a brick in his stomach.  Schedules, preferences, pickiness, all have to be considered and when you ask them what they want to eat, they "don't know" (but you can be sure it's not what I've prepared!!)

Even with the frustration, amazingly enough, they all like to eat plant-based healthy meals, and for that I am grateful.  Maybe I won't ever have a streamlined, automatic system, but I think I will keep trying!!

Our meals for this week:

Taco Soup

Marinated Tofu & "Fried" Rice

Lasagna Soup

Great Northern Chili

Cowboy Potatoes

Does anyone else plan their meals, order them online, and pick them up, only to realize later that you didn't plan for your lunches during the week?

Friday, January 15, 2021

Someday/Maybe List - free download

This week I created a Someday/Maybe list for my planner.  These items, for me, are ideas of things I have been thinking about doing, but for some time in the future.  For example, I've had the idea of creating an e-book of vegan meal plan ideas for people who struggle with meal planning.  Right now it is just a thought in my head, but I've written it down on my list so that when I review my lists, I have to give it a little thought as to whether or not I want to pursue it or put it back on the shelf.  Don't give up on your dreams!  Review them often!

This insert was made to be printed on Compact size paper.  2 pages are included to be printed back to back.  If you are interested in a different size, let me know and I will see what I can do.

download here

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Links and the Things I Love: January 15


It doesn't get easier than these 3 Ingredient Pancakes (scroll down a bit to find the recipe).

I have some serious flashback tunes going on this morning.

Did you know that McDonald's once made bubblegum flavored broccoli?  What were they thinking?

What are the best planners for 2021?  Productivity experts weigh in with their opinions.  I have used a Stalogy before and liked it, but I'll be sticking with binders long term.

Plant-based eating is no longer controversial...I didn't know it ever was!

This list of 50 Ways to Make New Friends After 50 will work for most ages.

On The Becky Blog this week:

  • Vegan Meals for the Week Ahead (Menu Plan Monday)

It was quiet on the blog this week.  I've spent my week pouring over Pinterest for some craft desk inspiration.  My hubby is building me a new creative space this weekend, and I can't wait to have a place to spread out my laptop, Bible, and planner.  I will keep you up to date!

Two Types of Planners According to The Becky Blog

I think there are at least two types of planners (but probably more): 

  1. people that use a planner.
  2. people that use a planner, and are INTO planners.
My sister is the first type of planner.  She buys a new spiral-bound planner every year and uses it to fill in important dates and keep up with her appointments and other important events.  She is highly organized, so having a place to keep up with information, that she might otherwise forget, is important to her.  

Then you have people like me.  I have a ringed planner and I use it faithfully to record my doctor appointments and family events.  The system is important to me so that nothing falls into the cracks.  However, I also change up items in my planner that doesn't interrupt my system at all.  I change dividers, page markers, inserts, and sometimes even sizes.

I change up inserts even when what I am using obviously works for me, but I am, yes, one of those people who are INTO my planner.  I see other pages and I just want to try them, even when I know I won't necessarily try them for long.

I have used my current daily page for a few months now, but I feel the itch to switch!  I'm not sure what I will be trying next, but if I come up with something new, I'll be sure to share it with you.  Suggestions are always welcome!

What kind of planner are you?

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Vegan Meals for the Week Ahead [Menu Plan Monday]

After many years of menu planning, I still sit down with pen and paper and declare, "I have no idea what to fix!"  Am I the only one?  Menu Plan Monday, hosted by the Organizing Junkie, is a great place to find inspiration.

Here's what my family has planned for this week:

Spaghetti and (vegan) Meatballs

Chili with guacamole

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings (for the championship game!)

Potato Soup

Pad Thai

Tofu Scramble and Hash browns

For lunch this week, I will be experimenting with a new recipe for a rice bowl.  The ingredients include a brown/wild rice mix, sauteed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach & kale.  I will drizzle it with hummus and top with a few slices of avocado.  It sounds yummy to me!